The National Historical Arms Museum (NHAM) is a division of  The Canadian Historical Arms Museum Inc. (CHAM) and is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2010 in the Province of Ontario.


The museum's mandate is to be a dynamic centre for the research, education, and preservation of small arms used in Canada and around the World. The goal is to grow and enhance current and future generation’s knowledge utilizing a museum grade collection that will help visitors to understand the historic evolution, role and impact of small arms around the world.


  • To preserve, protect, and restore small arms and their associated accessories and technical literature for current and future generations
  • To openly share knowledge of Canada’s small arms development and history to researchers, historians, authors and the general public
  • To inspire personal discovery, appreciation, and understanding of small arms

Core Competencies

Three core competencies underlie the museum’s mission.

  1. To preserve and develop the museum collection and document expertise gained for future generations
  2. To research and expand knowledge of small arms and their historical and evolving role in Canadian history
  3. With the expertise of skilled and passionate volunteers, we will apply meaning and context to small arms’ history while engaging our community and world


  • Respect for individual and community diversity
  • Responsible stewardship and public trust
  • Integrity of all research and communications
  • Openness to new ideas and knowledge exchange
  • Inclusiveness, to engage the public in meaningful dialogue including displays
  • Prudent management and use of institutional assets
  • Commitment to social and environmental responsibility